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One tiny moment

Such a miniscule moment in such an enormous life! Every year we attend the orchestral concert at Kirstenbosch, along with 5 000 others. On this occasion I was standing next to the path with my head and camera supported in the V of a tree, hoping to catch a few unusual pics. I saw a small crowd slowly walking up the path, and when they got closer I realised it was the Archbishop with Mam Leah and various other family members, heading for the little VIP stand right next to where I was. I was excited, finger on button to take this unusual pic, when I suddenly decided that it would be intrusive, so withdrew my camera. Right then the Arch’s eyes and mine met, his inimitable smile broke across his face and mine replied, and a small movement of his hand showed me his appreciation.

Such are the unforgettable moments in life. RIP dear Arch, I will never forget you.

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