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Full Stop is owned and run by Maureen Miller, a member of the South African Freelancers’ Association and the Professional Editors’ Group. Maureen was for six years the freelance sub-editor of South African Airways’ in-flight magazine, Sawubona and Islander, the Air Mauritius magazine. She also sub-edited the Johannesburg Tourism Company magazine, SoJoburg while it was published. Her travel articles are published in Sawubona and she has written other articles for publications such as MediaToolbox and various branding consultants and public relations agencies.

Full Stop aims:
  • To foster a beneficial working relationship between FULL STOP and its clients through constructive negotiation, information exchange and agreed protocols

  • To produce the best possible standard of work in any circumstance

  • To conduct ourselves in a businesslike manner, adhering to good business practices

  • To be transparent, honest and show good faith in all dealings

  • To show a willingness to address and solve problems without acrimony

  • To inform timeously of any problems that arise, especially those involving changes in schedule or budget

  • To foster professional standards and excellence, to promote ethical conduct and to provide information and guidance on fair terms and conditions.


How we work

FULL STOP will take a full brief from you, and discuss with you any unclear aspects of that brief so that we can be sure that your intended meaning has been understood by us.
We will ask you for a sample of the copy to be edited.
We will also ask for a company style guide, or discuss preferred style with you, and we will adhere to that style.
We will discuss deadlines with you, and whether these are realistic or not.
We will furnish a quotation for the job within one day of our taking the brief from you.
Should you accept our quotation, we will edit the document in MS Word, using the Track Changes function, so that debatable changes can be accepted or rejected by you.
Where applicable, we will offer suggestions or comments for you to consider.
Most work will be received and submitted via email; however, if you have hard copy to be proofread, we can make arrangements to collect and deliver this copy.

Terms and conditions

  • FULL STOP guarantees complete confidentiality in all work received.

  • Ownership of the work remains that of the client.

  • Depending on the scope of the work, a 50% deposit will be requested before the work is undertaken and once the contract has been signed.

  • Should the project be cancelled by the client after the work has been embarked on by FULL STOP, then the work already completed by us at cancellation will be payable by the client.

  • Payment is due on delivery of the completed work by FULL STOP and when signed off by client.

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