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"Maureen is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she always responsive to any request, she is also extremely professional and her writing and editorial skills are superb. She talks as if her perfectionism is a bad thing, but believe me, in the corporate, marketing world we welcome it!"

- Lucinda Scholtz, Marketing Lead: Africa GOLDER ASSOCIATES AFRICA (PTY) LTD


"Axius Publishing has made use of Full Stop’s services for the past five years. It is a pleasure to work with someone as professional and committed as Maureen Miller. For her, language really does matter, right down to the last comma, colon or full stop.

It is rare to find someone these days who not only has the knowledge, but is also passionate about the correct use of language. Quality editorial is a primary requirement for all our publications and it is a pleasure to come across, and work with, someone of Maureen’s calibre. She always adds enormous value to any piece of writing."

- Sheenagh Levy, CEO Axius Publishing


"Maureen’s attention to detail when proofreading our stories and articles is absolutely refreshing. She also thinks laterally, which adds enormous value since I can count on her to point out inaccuracies or misleading paragraphs that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.I love her honesty and transparency and she’s not shy to tell me when her working hours stop – I respect that!  Her word is her bond and she has never disappointed me on delivering her work within the time frame promised and at the quality standards which exceed my expectations."

- Roland Hein, MD, Performance Enhancement & Rewards


"Maureen is a willing and hard worker who gives her all to provide a top-class service to her clients."

- Daphne Burger, Owner, Lexinfo


"A thorough professional with a range of skills, she is the epitome of excellence."

- Beth Cooper, freelance writer


"Maureen was the sub-editor of Sawubona magazine from May 2007 to 2013, and of Islander, the Air Mauritius in-flight magazine, for part of that time. She was an extremely valuable and dedicated part of a small team that ensured the magazine’s consistency and quality. Her beady eye, attention to detail and technical editing skills are unmatched. She is a pleasure to work with and her reliability and willingness to do more than is required of her ensures the smooth flow of a magazine with tight monthly deadlines."

- Mario d’Offizi, Assistant Editor (2007 - 2013), Sawubona


"I have hired Maureen to do editing work and value her professional services and good on-the-job communication. Highly recommended."

- Sharon Davis, freelance writer

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